God Help Us; We’re in the Hands of Engineers

Overheard on the D line yesterday evening:

It would be like Jurassic Park. I’d be suspended in Jell-o forever.

Don’t judge too quickly. With all the plot holes in that movie, we might well have overlooked eternal Jell-o suspension in there somewhere.

(I like best a scene when the power is all out so Hammond is eating all the ice cream so it won’t melt… while electric fans turn overhead.)

400 Is the New 300

I’ll take a moment now to congratulate myself on creating this, my 300th blog post. Its ID happens to be 400, which tells us that I discard fully one in four articles I begin to write.  I either have very high standards, or I have a lot of bad ideas.

By the way, if anybody I knew five years ago asks, I still don’t see the point of a blog.