Tools Need Training

Lowe’s is using this website as the feature graphic for its “Electrical” section. I’ve been staring at it for a while now, and I’m still not sure whether this is a type of tool with which I am not intimately familiar, or the stock photography has gone awry.

Tools are Hard!

Tools are Hard!


Earth 911

Need to know where to take those “hard to recycle” items? Your new best friend is Just type what you need to recycle and where you are. You’ll get a list of places you can bring that item, with an impressive amount of detail.

Something simple like “corrugated cardboard” brings up Longmont’s single-stream curbside recycling as the first result. That’s easy. Something trickier like “cell phones” finds a list of nearby stores that will accept them. I brought a pair of old phones to Staples today, and a burned-out compact fluorescent light bulb (the first I’ve ever had burn out) to Lowe’s.

Being able to find a place to recycle everything from packing peanuts to batteries on a single website makes the chore of disposing of recyclable trash more than a little easier.


Less Miserable Airlines (Les Misérables Parody)

I think “Les Misérables on a modern airline” is really all I need to say about this. Though I’ll add that it’s absolutely fantastic.

For example, I Dreamed a Dream begins:

I dreamed a dream that I could fly non-stop from Baltimore to Phoenix. And I’d be smiling in the sky, not down here crying in a kleenex. When I was young, flights weren’t delayed. And better in-flight food was tasted. There were no bag fees to be paid. No frequent flyer miles were wasted.

But the fees now come in spades. And you fear you’ll be blacklisted. Airlines tear your hope apart. And they turn your dreams to shame.

I kept a carry-on by my side. They made me check it in as baggage. A hefty fee was then applied! And it was gone at baggage claim.