Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off

A girl sitting near us recently challenged her family with some arithmetic problems. Here’s one she tried:

Girl: What’s 9,000 plus 1,000?
Boy: A million.

Dad: Nope.

Boy: Nine thousand plus one thousand is ten thousand.
Dad: Right.

Boy: That’s also┬ácalled a million.

Dad: Oh, right.


Orchestral Comedy

FAILblog this week brought us film of the Upper Austrian Youth Orchestra performing a bit titled Cyber Conductor:

It’s a cute concept, and I suspect is even more demanding on the musicians than it appears. The musical performance is ultimately what’s interesting. I’m reminded of the (even better) Bill Bailey’s Remarkable Guide to the Orchestra, a full hour performance:

Bailey is at once entertaining and legitimately informative about music, and the whole thing is worth seeing. (Give the first few minutes a try; you’ll get hooked.)

All Birds. All Angry.

This picture (from a cell phone camera) came out about as bad as a picture can get, but I can’t resist sharing anyway. This is a Samsung Galaxy Tab on display at Best Buy… with every single icon opening Angry Birds:

Angry Birds

Angry Birds

Store for Sale

Seen around town:

Store 4 Sale

Store 4 Sale

“Store 4 Sale. Ask for manager.” Is it possible this approach to marketing is what, through underperforming sales, ultimately led to the store being for sale?