Steps to Success

After a delicious dinner at Zoe’s last week, we took Sophie through the Harvard campus on our way back home.  She was unimpressed at first, barring some occasional questions to confirm that we were visiting a college, that colleges are where people get smart, and that she can go to one once she’s bigger.

Her interest grew, however, upon seeing the towering steps of the Widener Library.  She lept from her stroller and bounded up to the top in seconds.  “I want to stay here!” she announced when she got back to the bottom, and shot right back up again.  When she tired of those steps, she sat in the stroller only long enough to cross the yard to another building with fun stairs, and then another.

It was a great outing, though I joked at the time that we might have inadvertently taught her that colleges are places with a lot of stairs.

Tonight, we took a trip to White Mountain Creamery in Brighton for some ice cream, and strolled through the Boston College campus on our way home.  (Campuses tend to be tranquil places when not overrun by students.)  The moment she heard the name of the place, she asked, excitedly:

Can we look to see if Boston College has any steps?

Come to think of it, I do remember walking up a lot of flights of steps while I was in college.  Maybe she’s on the right track!

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