Frank Abagnale

Frank Abagnale, of Catch Me If You Can fame, gave a talk at Google a few months ago. From the moment he started speaking I was hooked on every word. That was a great movie, but this talk may be even better.

I was one of those few children who got to grow up in the world with a daddy. The world is full of fathers, but there are very few men worthy of being called daddy by their child. I had a daddy who loved his children more than he loved life itself.

My father was a man who had four children: three boys and a daughter. Every night at bedtime he’d walk into your room. He would drop down on one knee, kiss you on the cheek, pull the cover up, and put his lip on your earlobe and whisper, “I love you very much.” He never, ever missed a night.

Years later my older brother joined me in my room temporarily. He was in the Marine Corps, he was 6’4″, he played semi-pro football for Buffalo, but my father would walk around to his bed, hug him, kiss him, whisper in his ear he loved him.



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