I Could Kill You With My Brain

I listened attentively every time someone recommended that I watch Firefly, and then practiced the fine art of procrastination in never watching it. The series ended over six years ago, but I’ve finally caught up now.


Among my favorite quotes from the entire fourteen-episode run:

If you take sexual advantage of her, you’re going to burn in a very special level of hell — a level they reserve for child molesters and people who talk at the theater.

A close second, from the same episode:

My days of not taking you seriously are sure coming to a middle.

I found Serenity (the followup movie) somewhat underwhelming.  It seemed to seek a plot great enough to commit to the big screen, when the episodic plots of the television show were a far better fit for the characters.

But even if Serenity were entirely lifeless (which it’s not), Firefly would still have been fantastic enough to compensate.  I will now immediately buy my own set of DVDs, and if only someone made a Firefly tee shirt I’d buy that too.

7 thoughts on “I Could Kill You With My Brain

  1. Sue- says:

    Do some surfing – there are lots of Firefly T shirts out there . I know – I own a dozen of them. And by the way it’s Talk like a Browncoat Day in honour of Joss Whedon’s birthday so stay shiny!

  2. Ben says:

    Good efforts, Sam, but alas, you are mistaken. At the first site I could buy only a “Small” (assuming the phrase “Discontinued Item Price” means something other than what I think it means), and at the second it’s listed as “out of stock.”

    See, plenty of places have pretty pictures of this shirt, but nobody seems particularly interested in actually selling me one.

    I did add “Talk Like a Pirate Day” to the daily agenda outside my office. The only tangible impact seemed to be that the one woman who hasn’t seen the show became something of an outcast all day. Good money says she’ll have about nine DVD sets on her desk in the morning.

  3. just pixels says:

    if you can get the image, you can get it imprinted at cafepress.com as a one-shot deal. they might not take the order ’cause of copyright, but it’s worth a try. Hey, it’s not enough to just talk the pirate talk. You have to walk the walk. Which means you have to use the copyright’ed image.

  4. just pixels says:

    “Star Trek” was originally pitched to NBC as “Wagon Train in space”. “Wagon Train” was a Western TV series in the 1950s & 60s. As the wagon train moved along, its members and circumstances changed so the producers had a lot of lattitude in their storytelling from week to week.

    While “Wagon Train” was a western with horses, cowboys, dust and gunplay, “Star Trek” had none of that — just the idea of changing location, changing cast and self-contained stories.

    One of things I like about “Firefly” — despite its improbable premise — is that it really is “Wagon Train in space”. It has the horses, cowboys, dust and gunplay. And spaceships. Which cleverly lets us more easily imagine ourselves coping in a dark future. I may not know how to operate a space ship, but I know how use a shootin’ iron. (OK, I don’t know how to do that either, but I’ve seen how it works on TV.)

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