Drum Solo

I have a confession: I hate drum solos.  Sure, they start out exciting and cool, with lots of exciting rhythms building on each other.  Invariably, though, the drummer gets either tired or just confused and starts banging things at random, so I tune out and start wishing someone would start playing other instruments again.

So when Eddie from Ohio (Eddie Hartness) launched into a drum solo last night, I was skeptical.  I’m pleased to say I not only enjoyed this solo, but indeed liked it so much I’ve now set out to start listening to more of Mr. From Ohio’s solos on purpose.

Drummers everywhere, take a note: this is how it should be done!

One thought on “Drum Solo

  1. just pixels says:

    Did you just fall off the peapod truck? “From” is his middle name, so it’s Mr. Ohio, not Mr. From Ohio.

    And, thanks to inattentive music instructors who ruined EVERYTHING (see May 23rd “I promise not to notice and extra paycheck” post about this), drum solos may be all you get in the future.

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