The New Economy


Non-Parent Adult: If you want to get that, it will cost $25.

12-Year-Old: Are you serious? That’s two allowances plus a full report card of A’s!

I wish my life worked like that. “Hi, I’ll have a grande mocha and a classic coffee cake, please. Here’s my report card with one A and a C to cover the cost.”

One thought on “The New Economy

  1. just pixels says:

    With a little reverse algebra and some assumptions…

    A = number of A’s on a full report card
    P = per A value
    W = allowance

    A x P + W x 2 = funds

    Assuming A is 5, and assume solution is exactly $25.

    5 x P + 2 x W = $25

    If W = $10, A is $1
    If W = $5, A is $3

    So the answer is, No the father is not serious. If he wants to motivate his 12 year old, he’ll have to bump up the per A (“P”) value. The math does not lie.

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