Self-Returning DVDs

Netflix has (albeit inadvertently) added a nice feature: self-returning DVDs.

While I was in Phoenix with my girlfriend, we watched at our hotel a movie that happened to top my Netflix queue.  Netflix sent me the DVD before I had time to remove it.

And then it didn’t arrive.  I waited patiently for three days with no sign of it, but just when I was ready to report it “missing,” it got marked “returned” and Netflix sent the next movie on my list.

(Speaking practically, I assume the label got torn off and someone at the post office, having no idea where to send it, just sealed the envelope shut and sent it back — a wise and helpful solution.  But it’s more fun to think it’s just a self-returning DVD.)

One thought on “Self-Returning DVDs

  1. just pixels says:

    I quit Netflix because they added a surcharge for Blu-ray. Netflix is smelly.

    While I was member, I wished they’d change a couple things.

    First, let me mark a movie as “seen it” without a rating. Then exclude those movies from recommendations, searches, etc unless I opt them into the search.

    Second, self-returning DVDs.

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