Just The Pass, Ma’am

A colleague stopped at my office on her way into work a couple weeks ago to report a wonderfully exciting new discovery on the Green Line: MBTA police implementing the very policy I’ve advocated since our fair city first introduced the CharlieCard.

The MBTA police, operating undercover, will watch people board at the rear doors, then show their badges and ask to scan everyone’s CharlieCards. Those with valid monthly passes quietly return to their books and newspapers.  Those with only stored-value cards (or no cards at all) get citations.

Although I haven’t seen any news reports on the subject, anecdotal reports from my coworkers and websites suggest the first citation is about $15.  For a second offense, the penalty jumps to $100 or $125.

I wholeheartedly approve!

I carry a valid pass, so I’m entitled to board any MBTA vehicle at any time.  I’ll happily prove that fact to an inspector whenever I’m asked.  Thus, let me board efficiently at any door.  Catching only a few people trying to exploit the leeway granted me and my fellow honest commuters can compensate for any lost fare revenue.

One thought on “Just The Pass, Ma’am

  1. just pixels says:

    Reminds me of the 1947 film noir classic about Treasury agents: “T-Men”. OK, OK, I just googled Elliot Ness and T-Men which led to the movie. (But, did you know T-Men is also slang for “transgendered men”?)

    Anyway, the “T” has its own undercover cops. Just like the Mod Squad: “They’re young, they’re hip, they’re cops!”. Except in this case it’s “They’re on the T, they’re cops, they’re … on the T!”.

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