Four, Oh Subversioned Four!

I’ve never really used Subversion’s web interface before, since I’m normally checking out or committing revisions from the command line.  However, this morning I wanted to browse quickly through the entire repository tree, so I opened what I thought was the right page.  The title read:

repository – Revision 404: /

Oh, 404.  The standard “page not found” error.

I went straight to our Knowledgebase to figure out the correct address.  I had it right; I just happened to commit revision #404 immediately before I opened the site for the first time, and Subversion was helpfully pointing that out.

That’s just awful timing.

One thought on “Four, Oh Subversioned Four!

  1. just pixels says:

    I Understand Two Things
    I’m sure there are almost a dozen people in the world who get what you mean. I and the other 5,999,999,988 haven’t got a clue. I guess when it comes to whatever you wrote, we’re 404! HA HA HA (sound of 12 people laughing).

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