Google’s Finally Invented Something that Works

Google Maps has finally introduced the one feature it’s needed most since the site first came into being: it shows all the places that match your search at once, instead of just ten at a time.

Suppose you search for Dunkin Donuts in Boston, MA.  They’re everywhere, of course.  You still get only ten pin icons, labeled A through J, but now tiny circles dot the entire map to identify every location in the city.  Clicking any dot will produce the same “speech bubble” full of details you’d expect from any other map icon.

Apparently Google put this in over a month ago, but I haven’t noticed it until now.

One thought on “Google’s Finally Invented Something that Works

  1. just pixels says:

    Your example begs the question: Why do you need google to find a Dunkin Donuts … in Boston … at this hour? Are you blind? oh… sorry, just read your last post about needing glasses … so sorry.

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