SorCon 2008: Count Me In!

From The Onion (and thus false, but amusing):

“When Aaron [Sorkin] hit the stage and announced The West Wing animated series, the crowd went wild,” said self-described “Sorkin nut” Karla Waples, 33, who has attended SorCon every year since its inception a decade ago. “It was such an adrenaline rush to see him make TV history yet again. This is why people drive all the way across the country to be here.”

Held annually at the San Diego Convention Center, SorCon has grown from a small convention in 1998, when Sorkin screened his television series Sports Night for friends and family, into a major Sorkin-industry event attended by tens of thousands of upper-middle-class whites and political-science geeks—or “Sorkies,” as they prefer to be called.

Is it wrong that I read the entire article wishing it were a real event?  I’d pay good money to go to that!

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